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Prescott, Arizona

Prescott Arizona Jumbo Loan Limits 2016

In Prescott– as well as other cities in Yavapai county –whenever there is a loan over the conforming loan limit of Yavapai county, it is deemed a jumbo loan. Prescott jumbo loans commonly will go up to $2 million and anything in excess of $2 million is regarded as a super jumbo loan.

Prescott jumbo loans are either supplied by private banks or match the FHA jumbo loan program and are insured against default by HUD. So most of the time, you can categorize jumbo loans into two groups: either “FHA jumbo” or “regular jumbo” loans. FHA jumbo loans are approved by HUD and private jumbo loans are obtainable through many private lenders who each have varying standards when it comes to LTV, debt to income ratios, credit scores and down payments.

Yavapai County Jumbo Loan / Conforming Loan Limits 2016

County Name MSA Name
Duplex Triplex Fourplex
YAVAPAI, AZ PRESCOTT, AZ (MSA) $417,000 $533,850 $645,300 $801,950

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