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About Jumbo Loans .org

We started this site to be a resource people who are searching for more information about jumbo loans. With the credit crisis still happening in America, jumbo loans can be difficult to find unless you know where to look — many lenders are simply telling customers that they don’t lend jumbo loans any more.

But the good news is that many lenders are still lending jumbo loans to people who have good credit, good assets and good income… and can document all of them.

Whenever a mortgage is required to finance a property that exceeds the “conforming” loan limit are often considered “jumbo loans” because of their size. Currently in many parts of the country, the conforming loan limit is $417,000.  Financing a jumbo loan is not something that you need to get frustrated with or worry about — as long as you are working with a jumbo loan expert.

Call now to speak with one of our jumbo loans experts who can help you get qualified for the jumbo loan that you are searching for.

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